CHI HEALTH: New COVID-19 Findings: Skin Rashes and Discoloration

Every day that passes we gain new knowledge on this virus. We would like to share new information and knowledge with you during this time.

COVID-19 has demonstrated that it attacks the brain (goes across the brain barrel) and damages the neurosystem. This causes one that is infected to lose their sense of smell and taste. It blocks Angiostensin II receptor, an enzyme receptor that is found in the lung, heart, kidney, and intestine. By blocking this receptor, it can cause disruption in those organs. This can lead to headaches and dizziness. People that have hypertension and heart conditions are extremely at risk. Those that have hypertension or heart conditions may take ACE inhibitors such as Lisinopril, et al. These hypertension drugs already block the Angiostension II receptor. Most importantly, it will be dangerous if a patient is infected with COVID-19 while taking these types of drugs. This COVID-19 virus destroys the immune system like AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome). We definitely need to improve our immunity, especially with this COVID-19 threat!

Another recent finding revolves around skin symptoms. This was reported on April 18 on Los Angeles ABC Channel 7 Eyewitness News. Dr. Shirley Chi, Dr. Chi’s daughter, a dermatologist had a patient that showed frostbite on her toes. Dr. Shirley Chi saw this as an unusual symptom due to the local weather not being cold. However, she did recall a study from Italy that showed 20% of COVID-19 patients had shown skin symptoms (such as below). The patient was quickly tested for COVID-19 and it showed to be positive. Here, we can see that the virus produces toxins that circulate within the body. This toxin will show outside on the skin in different forms because of an allergic reaction which will show in measle-kind conditions or rash. These toxins can also create poor circulation such as frostbite (acral ischemia). We highly recommend Oxypower to prevent these types of symptoms.


Reference: Jory Rand, KABC, 18 April 2020:

A different finding has come from China. A report concerning recovering patients of COVID-19 had shown a symptom where the skin on their face and body turned dark (below).

Reported by World Journal in April 20. These doctors got infection while treating patients in Wuhan. This picture is during their recovery process in which the skin turned dark due to the infection damaging their liver.(The skin turning dark is a symptom of liver problem)

This is due to the liver being damaged. COVID-19 does not let iron be used by the liver for hemoglobin. Therefore, the iron deposit shows on the face and whole body like this discoloration. Even in recovery, it is very difficult for the liver to recover completely when they are surviving the COVID-19 infection. It is important to focus on taking Liver Chi to increase interferon and to repair the liver.

Our last newsletter discussed lung, heart and reducing CRP. We talked about the gelatinous mucus that has been found in the autopsies of COVID-19 patients. This mucus has covered the lungs and trachea, resulting in a smaller passage for oxygen to flow through and possible suffocation. We have learned that we must use Bamboo Extract, Oxypower and Liver Chi to increase immunity to clean out this mucus and then allow oxygen to circulate through the lungs and heart. Bamboo Extract serves as first defense by inducing expectoration and cleaning mucus. Oxypower is taken to improve lung, heart, immunity, and energy function. Liver Chi increases the human body production of interferon and is also good for stopping the Hepatitis C, RNA virus and repair liver function. We must continue washing our hands, staying at home, and practicing social distancing!


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