The Gift of Self-Care on Mother's Day

I often cruise down memory lane of being a first time mom.  Holding my children for the first time brought an indescribable joy and I couldn’t get enough of that baby smell.  Becoming a mom came with precious moments and challenges.  That first year of motherhood was a rollercoaster of emotions for me.  Adjusting to life with a new baby was quite overwhelming.  Being on 24/7, while sleep deprived, was a balancing act for sure.  Now, my girls are young women who are smart and funny with a rollercoaster of emotions of their own.  They all possess their own uniqueness and they each know who they are.  Loving them has been the best ride of my life.

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood and for me it usually consists of cards, flowers, meal’s I don’t have to cook and sometimes I even got to sleep in.  While I cherish these days, I realized early on that in order to stay present with my girls and my husband I had to celebrate myself not just once a year but daily.  Mother’s Day does not take the place of taking care of you.  Here are some of our best self-care practices for mom’s this Mother’s Day.

Move That Body

Physical activity will help to boost your energy, improve your mood, and help to reduce your stress.  Being a busy mom should not get in the way of you working in movement into your day.  Be creative. You might have to combine your child’s playtime and exercise or take advantage of that daily naptime.  Remember you don’t have to commit to an hour of workout time.  Even 10 minute increments throughout the day can be effective. 

Say Good-Bye to Mommy Brain

Brain fog became a real thing after I had children, and lack of sleep didn’t make it any better in the early years.  Forgetfulness became a new normal.   I often would put my keys in weird places and have to back track my steps to find them; and I always forgot to turn off the oven. 

Exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your body.  The act of writing out a list, journaling, reading or doing a jigsaw puzzle not only helps to focus your mind but helps to organize yourself and makes your memory’s job easier.  Bottom line is, develop strategies to help your brain improve comprehension and become more efficient. 

You Are Not Superwoman

Don’t believe the hype.  You are not superwoman.  Yes, it is true being a mother is the hardest job in the world but we cannot do it all.  Not only does society put a lot of pressure on moms but we put a lot of pressure on ourselves.  Many of us are plagued with the “mommy guilt” as we try to live up to that Superwoman persona.  Simply accept you can’t do everything, ask for help, and take time out in your day or your week to take care of yourself.  Schedule a spa day and get the works; a massage, manicure and pedicure and even a facial.  How you take care of yourself is how you teach others to take care of themselves.

Moms Need Friends Too!

The moment you become a mom, free time becomes something of the past.  Motherhood has a way of sucking up all our time.  We remember to book a playdate for our children but we seem to self-neglect on a regular when it comes to scheduling alone time and playdates for ourselves.  Friends play an important role in reminding us of our individuality and that we are not alone. 

Prioritize Your Health

A good mom always takes care of themselves.  “It is not selfish for you to take care of yourself.  A healthier, stronger, happier you is better able to care for those depending on you.” Prioritize your health by scheduling regular appointment with your chiropractor at Powell Family Chiropractic.  Setting time aside to regularly get adjusted is the perfect way to develop a life routine that will be sure to make your day amazing, peaceful, and pain free.

From all of us here, Powell Family Chiropractic wishes you a beautiful, healthy and relaxing Mother’s Day!  

Nerissa Powell

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