When Children are in Car Accidents

There has been a car accident, and you and your child were both riding in the car.  You make an appointment to see a chiropractor, but what about your child?  Chiropractic treatment is not just for adults.  Quick treatment can help speed the recovery for kids, even if they can't explain the pain or other sensations they might be feeling.  Pain can manifest in different ways in children than it does in adults.  For example, a toddler may be irritable, sleepy, or withdrawn.  It is smart to be proactive with your child's health if they are ever involved in a car accident.  

Here are five reasons you should take your child to a chiropractor after an accident:

  1. Less Invasive Treatment:  Chiropractic treatments are non-invasive in comparison to surgeries or other more aggressive treatments.  Manually manipulating joints and vertebrae is the approach of a chiropractor.  
  2. Early detection of injuries:  A chiroprator can help spot an injury before your child even experiences symptoms.  This early detection leads to early treatment, and this means a much shorter recovery period.  
  3. Prescription-free Treatment:  Rather than prescribe your child medication to mask symptoms, chiropractors treat the core issue.  
  4. Holistic and Safe:  Chiropractic care is a completely holistic approach to treating pain.  This makes it safe and effective.
  5. Insurance:  Many insurance providers cover chiropractic treatment.  You should contact your carrier for specifics on your individual plan.  

Getting the proper treatment quickly is key to recovering from injuries caused by a car accident.  Are you or someone close to you suffering from car accident related injuries?  Don't suffer another day.  Contact our office, and we will be happy to get your treatment started and leave your pain in the rearview mirror!  

Dr. Maceo Powell Dr. Maceo Powell is a native of Sarasota, Florida. He offers personalized specialized chiropractic care to help patients regain their health, be active and live life.

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