Corrective Exercises


Dr. Powell is dedicated to bringing knowledge and his expertise to relieve pain and maintain a healthy vibrant lifestyle to all his patients.

Corrective Exercises – Each exercise is custom designed for your specific needs and can be done in the comfort of your home. These exercises are great for acute pain management. Corrective exercise is an exercise technique which differs greatly from other regular exercise programs. It starts with a detailed analysis of the physical arrangement of the body. This analysis helps in determining any imbalances or deficits that could affect an individual’s performance and his/her daily activities. After this analysis, a specific corrective exercise and flexibility program is developed to help correct the body’s structure and bring it back to its normal state. Corrective exercises change the way an individual moves and they concentrate on the underlying cause of the pain as the best way to eliminate pain is by eliminating the cause.

As strength and conditioning specialists, Powell Family Chiropractic’s goal is to improve performance and reduce injury risk. We have been taught that strength improves performance and concurrently that strength will prevent injuries.

Contact us today to learn more about what types of exercises will give you range of motion and pain relief you are looking for.

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