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Perhaps my proudest achievement to date is the founding of my new nutraceutical company, Gundry MD.

You see, I can only serve a few hundred patients a year at my private practice. My reach is limited to those who can afford to wait 6 months to visit me at the office.

But now I’m able to offer premium-quality supplements for people all over the world to help reach their health goals:

  • More vital energy
  • Metabolic benefits
  • Better digestion and gut health
  • Healthier & younger-looking skin
  • Protection from toxic elements in our diet
  • A stronger, healthier heart

I put every bit as much effort into developing the cutting-edge formulas for Gundry MD as I did into developing my innovative medical devices used in heart surgery to this day.

I insist on the highest-quality control measures in the industry, including independent testing of all products at a 3rd party facility. Every product offered through Gundry MD is proudly manufactured in the United States. Even my customer support team is located here in California.

I strongly encourage you to check out the official GUNDRY MD website and find out more about my groundbreaking formulas.


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