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Roxanne L

Dr. Powell is a great chiropractor. I have been to many chiropractors and he is excellent! I would highly recommend him to anyone. He has helped me with some chronic back and neck issues which resulted from an auto accident. Without his help I would be in pretty bad shape.

Britney N – New Port Richey, FL

Easiest appointment I ever scheduled for a doctor! I drove out to Sarasota for a meeting, and felt tension in my back the whole way. I was scared I’d be miserable the whole drive home (90minutes), and possibly get a head. I did call ahead and they were able to get me seen. Thank goodness Dr. Powell was able to schedule me on as walk-in patient. Dr. Powell took his time to understand my history, as well as help understand why I was experiencing pain. He was very thorough to help loosen the muscles surrounding my spine prior to performing the adjustment. Defiantly will come back to visit Dr. Powell when I am in the area again.

Chuck B

Dr. Powell and his staff are so courteous and professional right from the start. He is helping me with my lower back pains and he is also treating my son to improve his posture. We’ve only seen him a few times so far but I can see the improvement already especially with my son’s posture. We look forward to the visits because he just makes us feel more relaxed. Thank you for the great job!

Joe L

Attn Moms!! Bring the family (drag the husband) to Dr. Powell. He is THE best! He can keep the family active and healthy! I have used several chiropractors over my life, to help relieve my sciatica issues. The first trip in to see him was eye opening! I have never had such a thorough exam before the adjustment. It really put me at ease knowing he was taking the time to figure out the root cause of the problem. At the end of the visit I felt like I could Salsa Dance again!

Debbie K

Love Dr. Powell. I’ve been a patient for over 2 years and go regularly. Recently, I needed an adjustment so I took a chance just stoping in and I was seen. Great people. I’m very happy with thus practice.

Randy J

I have been a a patient with family chiropractic for years.The staff is professional, friendly and caring.Dr Powell is amazing! He has always keep me in optimum health and feeling my best.He is truly a skilled and wonder doctor.I highly recommend Dr.Powell for all your chiropractic needs.


Discontent with having to use medication to assuage my debilitating migraines and back pain, I often pondered what might be the cause of my problem. Frequent prayers were ascended as I lay helpless in bed hoping to sleep off a migraine or while performing one of my many self validated body contortions for my back pain.

My greatest fear was that I would one day be incapacitated by some form of spinal disfigurement. Yet medication and prayer always outweighed the option of having spinal surgery. A hunched back in thirty years always beat out potential paralysis today.

I would think, if only someone would take a look at my spine to determine if I had a pinched nerve, slipped disk, or other ailment. Those queries lead me to the finding out that MRIs are expensive and most often prescribed by Neurologists whose specialize in spinal surgery. Once again a red flag because as I averred previously spinal surgery for me was dreadfully out of the question.

While in collage someone suggested that I consult a chiropractor. It assumed that I could not hurt anymore than the pain I was currently in. It turns out that I had a few chiropractic visits covered under my insurance plan, so I found a chiropractor who accepted it. Long story short, this chiropractor did not believe in any form of “cracking” of the spin. His remedy was to let me lye under a heat lamp to help loosen whatever mussels that had become tense. Honestly, I loved the heat lamp, until the very moment it turned off. My pain would return most times before I made it out to my car. I used up my free visit and wrote off the benefits of chiropractics.

Fast forward six years, I had graduated, gotten married, and moved to Sarasota. Needing to fulfill additional years of college in order to progress in my career, my wife and I agreed it worth while for me to drive to Tallahassee every other weekend for the next two year to take part in degree program for people in my profession who needed to maintain their day jobs.

Every other Sunday I drove to Tallahassee and came back the following Monday night. Needless to say, the physical and mental burden of the trip became overwhelmingly taxing a few months into the arduous endeavor. The intensity of my migraines and back pain increased several times over without any signs of ameliorating.

I found myself in prayer meeting one Wednesday night testifying about by problem and asking for prayer from my church family. That was when Dr. Powell suggested that I come visit him at his chiropractic practice. Immediately my mind thought, no thank you, I can waist my money else ware. It was not until he explained how his office would x-ray my spine to determine the cause of my problem in exchange for a child’s Christmas gift that my interest was intrigued. Keep in mind that I had already had an unsuccessful experience with chiropractics.

After visiting Dr. Powell’s office, not only was I aware of my problem but I was filled with knowledge for how it could be fixed and alacrity for reaching that goal. One year and a car accident later, my mind body and sole are ebullient about the recovery they have made. I went from a neck without its proper curve to regaining my curve in addition to perfect vertebra spacing and alignment. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Powell for moving my bones and eternally grateful to God for healing my body. I am now living life in a body that is energetic and capable of serving God 100% without the looming stress of wondering about its self-destruction.

Denise S

Dr Powell is amazing! Best adjustment ever!! Please visit him.

Denise is in the maintenance phase of her program.  Her story tells about her ex-husbands journey!  Watch how he healed from his diseases and now is living a normal life again.

Randy J

Dr. Powell is an outstanding and very caring chiropractor. His staff is peasant and very professional. He has personally taken care of my medical needs for years. I highly and whole heartedly recommend him for all your chiropractic needs.


I was in severe back pain and was seen for the first time the same day. The office staff is kind and professional, Dr. Powell provides explanation and information, and helped me to identify my issue and begin treating it.

Tara H 

Mr. Powell and his Gorgeous wife are extremely nice & professional. They put me at ease. I left after my first adjustment feeling a lot less tense, and a great feeling as though I’ve chosen the right place. I believe they can help alleviate my pain and get me going in the right direction again. I highly recommend

Maxine S 

Absolutely amazing! I have chronic neck issues mainly due to the way I sit during work. Within 20-30 minutes of being adjusted by Dr. Powell I already feel an outstanding amount of relief. He goes above and beyond what a typical chiropractor does and assists me with tips on how to work on my posture on a day to day basis. This way I can start preemptively avoiding these issues to being with. Also, he and his staff (his lovely wife, Nerissa) are so welcoming and enjoyable to see. I referrer all my friends and family to their clinic for posture and chiropractic care.

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